Change Log


  • updated name header to "Lizy Nguyen" after registering professional tradename with the state

  • rewrote About Me paragraph and uploaded new photo

  • added 2023 sketch to Birthday Self-Portrait Series

  • added 2023 Merry Christmas card to Illustrations & Patterns and homepage

  • removed Hype from homepage to make room for above

  • fixed homepage on mobile to display portfolio pieces

  • fixed portfolio pages to resize site elements with the screen

  • moved FAQ to landing page with adjusted formatting

  • moved Tally form to its own page and updated related links

  • updated footer to include all page links, removed FAQ link


  • removing unneeded fonts.

  • fixed "Let's Connect" button to remove unneeded fonts and better set up to show dropdown on click.

  • added alt text and aria-labels to a lot of elements, fixed heading structure for text, simplified amount of text styles, revised colors for a few elements, and relabeled divs with appropriate tags for accessibility.


  • added Ko-fi banner to "Hello" landing page.

  • changed logo to display full legal name.


  • fixed Shop dropdown in navigation menu where it was showing behind other page elements.

  • replaced cookie management app to Cookieyes.

  • added Cookie Policy page.

  • added Cookieyes and Ko-fi to Privacy Policy page, and also text that clarifies that site owner does not sell personal information.

  • revised one of the FAQ answers about using my artwork to include crediting.

  • added "Support me on Ko-fi" button next to other social links.

  • updated Privacy Policy to include info on Cookieyes and Ko-fi while fixing minor typos and grammar changes.


  • fixed home page on mobile where images were overlapping each other instead of forming a grid.


  • fixed button tags to divs for links that look like buttons.


  • created new Landing Page.

  • changed image grid on homepage to not resize outside of set desktop/tablet/mobile view sizes to keep grid spacing consistent.

  • added Toolkit section to About Me page.

  • changed hover color of resume button on About Me page. Color now matches bright pink hover color on Landing page buttons.

  • fixed Privacy Policy link on Tally form from About Me page. Added instagram link in form.

  • fixed missing Change Log URL in footer.

  • added mobile and tablet view to all remaining pages.


  • added Change Log page to record site updates.

  • revised private policy to specify that Tally only collects forms for messages and inquiries. There is no way to respond to submissions through Tally itself.

    • also revised with new 2 year time limit on retaining direct messages

    • changed Termly sub-processor section to say "cookie management" instead of "data request" management since moving the data request form to Tally instead.

    • clarified section on how the site handles private information of children with descriptions of COPPA and GDPR's rules about it.

  • added a mobile and tablet view to front page.

  • fixed the navigation bar and footer so that it will resize itself better with manual resizing of the window (including when page is under mobile or tablet view).


  • fixed privacy policy to state the new domain: instead of framer subdomain

  • revised cookie policy to include proper contact information. Cookie scan of website, now linked to domain, now only shows 1 essential cookie from Termly instead of the 2 mysterious cookies before.

  • created new Tally form to collect data access requests and replaced link in privacy policy.


  • launched site with essential elements

  • connected site to domain: